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PDP Limited Edition 3pc Kit - Twisted Ivory & Walnut Hoop

Price: $899.99
SKU:  ae00-11820^PDLT2213TI
Manufacturer Part #:  PDLT2213TI
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on this all-European maple limited edition shell pack that’s dressed up in Twisted Ivory with natural walnut hoops. The hoops give the traditional-size toms a fatter, warmer tonality and let’s face it—they just look cool.

The 8x12 rack includes an STM and 991 tom clamp for mounting from any existing cymbal stand and the 16x16 floor is on legs. A 16x22 kick completes the outfit that’s only available during 2021. After that, it’s gone!

3-Piece Shell Pack: 8x12, 16x16, 16x22

No hardware, cymbals or stool included.  Just a shell pack.

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