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"Ein Madchen oder Weibchen wunscht Papageno sich" -Facsimile of the aria from The Magic Flute-

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"... yet should I be kissed by female lips, my health would be fully restored." Mozart’s music was no less indebted to lofty artistic ideals than to ordinary human experience. His operas not only present "heavy couples from the upper classes" but lovers from the common walks of life.

The colourful and natural figure of Papageno has always been a favourite with audiences. This aria accompanied by his glockenspiel, is one of the best-known arias in the history of music.

Our facsimile edition presents the aria in Mozart’s own handwriting using state-of-the-art techniques of color reproduction. Anyone who wants to bring Papageno to musical life can turn to the vocal score printed in the same volume.

A little gem for bibliophiles and all lovers of music - to admire, perform, or give away.

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